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Cita de Socra                                                       Sócrates McKinney


In 2015, a Dominican chacabana artisan challenged Dominican fashion guru Sócrates Mckinney to wear this traditional garment in the Greater Caribbean region. Denied to use for its traditional connotation, Anibal Segura forced the fashionista to draw the chacabana that he would wear. Three days later the garment was delivered and its appearance scheduled in the fashion show of the Association of Artisans of the Chacabana of the Dominican Republic. The impact of the garment caused the director of the Honduras Fashion Week to order one. He dressed it in a more casual way with cargo pants and tennis shoes, this total opened the eyes of our founder who visualized the spirit of  upcoming brand MCK-. Its official launch occurs two years later in April 2017.


MCK is a Caribbean brand of resort collection for the man who lives and / or loves the light and colors of the idyllic Caribbean region. Its vision goes beyond the stigmatized Caribbean of cayenas and coconut trees; it goes deep into a search for a sophisticated Caribbean identity; product of the interesting mix of cultures that give rise to a regional nationality. Its cosmovision is flavored by gastronomy, architecture, and natural textures to create a product that reflects the joy, peace and comfort of a lifestyle with its own name.


Most MCK pieces are produced in depressed neighborhoods of the Dominican Republic, with the greatest respect for the traditions of high Dominican and Caribbean tailoring in factories and workshops where human dignity is respected and the contribution of each person who puts his hands on our materials is valued.

The MCK man is not a fashionista man. Although he loves design, he prefers to find in each piece, the surprise of the well-kept and discreet detail. His travels around the world make him an art lover, humble and aware about nature and its resources, but also solidary of fair trade with the people who share this planet with him.